PEI Podiatry Association

The Prince Edward Island Podiatry Association (PEIPA) is a non-profit voluntary organization of qualified podiatrists representing the highest level of footcare in Prince Edward Island.


Our mandate is to set and enforce standards of practice for Podiatry in the province of Prince Edward Island. This includes ethical conduct, education and the promotion of the profession of Podiatry within P.E.I so that citizens will receive the best quality podiatry care possible.


Dr Brian Johnson, President, has been invited to speak in November 2017 at the annual convention of the British podiatry society in Liverpool, England.

Posted Date: February 2nd, 2017

In November of 2016, our President Dr. Brian Johnson started his term as President of the Canadian Federation of Podiatric Medicine. The only Podiatrist East of Ontario to hold this position. See news story:–podiatrist-accepts-national-role-.html

Posted Date: December 5th, 2016


In response to several enquiries from the public, licensed Podiatrists and Health Insurance Company Representatives: Philip Sommerfield is not a member of the P.E.I Podiatry Association.

Authorized by Dr. Brian Johnson